Sakana Happy Roll

Sunday - Thursday all day

*for dine in only

Selection of Classic and House Favorite Rolls, starting at $3.99 and up

It’s always a happy time with our happy
  • California Roll (5pc)

  • Crab Tempura Roll (5pc)

  • Jungle Roll (5pc)

  • Mexican Caliente Roll (5pc)

  • Crunchy California Roll (5pc)

  • Alaska Roll (5pc)

  • Boston Roll (5pc)

  • Shrimp Tempura Roll (5pc)

  • Spicy Tuna Roll (5pc)

  • Spicy Salmon Roll (5pc)

  • Philadelphia Roll (5pc)

  • Eel Tempura Roll (5pc)

  • Tootsie Roll (5pc)

  • Las Vegas Roll (5pc)

  • S & S Roll (5pc)

  • AZ Heat Roll (5pc)

  • Salmon Dynamite (5pc)

  • Scallop Dynamite (5pc)