Blue Fin Tuna Controversy

Blue Fin tuna is a prized fish we proudly serve at Sakana. However, this delicate, flavorful fish has some controversial talk floating around it. Namely, it’s being over fished and in trouble of endangerment. We are hyperaware of this controversy and address it by choosing sustainable as possible source that obtain the tuna in a responsible manner. Our Blue fin is responsibly farm raised and managed by the certified sustainable seafood association. The blue fin tuna is farmed raised in the ocean- but what makes it farmed raised is that it swims it’s whole life in a very large net that spans miles so the tuna has room to grow and swim. The association has a very large part in the well being of the farm raised tuna- the fish are monitored and watched everyday and the technique in which they are farmed are highly developed. We support the movement of keeping blue fin tuna alive in the wild- we would like the watch the population grow which is why we only buy our fish in the most responsible and sustainable manner. We source our blue fin from the freshest source, it is usually from Spain and Boston within 48 hours of catch. Try it at any sakana locations today!

See where we source our blue fin from here.

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