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Sakana is looking for a professional line cook to work the kitchen. Line cook duties will consist of daily back-of-house tasks. The successful candidate will be friendly, team player, take pride in what they do, and share a passion for providing guests with delicious high-quality food.

Sushi Maker

To be successful as a Sushi Maker at Sakana, the Sushi Maker must have the passion and willingness to learn, as well as the ability to take instruction and honest feedback.

Sushi Chef

To be successful as a Sushi Chef at Sakana, the Sushi Chef must construct our guests’ orders effectively and accurately while delivering exceptional guest experiences. A Sushi Chef must be willing to create connections with each guest in a friendly, professional manner. An exceptional Sushi Chef should work well under pressure and maintain restaurant standards during busy periods. Ultimately, you will help us maintain our reputation as one of the best sushi restaurants and increase our clientele.

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